Knight, McGuire & Associates, Inc.

                    Consulting Engineers and Land Planners

KMA Services


            CommunityDue Diligence
Planned Unit Developments
Mixed Use Communities
Conceptual Planning/Approvals
Code Review/Annexation
Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Zoning Analysis/Re-zonings
Conditional Use/Special Exceptions

Civil Engineering

Wags ConstructionStormwater Design
Roadway Design
Utility Design
Local, State, and Federal Permitting
Paving, Grading, and Drainage Design
Floodplain/Compensating Storage Analyses

Project Streamlining and Management

  Overall Project Management
  Consultant Streamlining
  Project Scheduling
  Permit Tracking
  Value Engineering
  Cost Estimates
  Feasibility Studies
  Due Diligence

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Most small and large site plans require a number of professionals in the course of design, approvals, permitting, cost management, construction, and completion of a project.  KMA acts as the client's quarterback in assembling the best team for a particular project and efficiently pressing the project forward as quickly and economically as possible.  Our coordination of all professionals involved streamlines everyone's efforts, avoids communication deficiencies which lead to time/cost over runs and provides for a seamless production effort to manage project from inception to completion. 

Professionals needed for most projects include surveyor, soil scientist, environmental consultant, transportation engineer, architect, builder, landscape designer, attorney, and more.

Land Development

Springhill SuitesSmall and Large Site Plans
Land Use Evaluation
Value Engineering
Preliminary/Final Plats

Consumptive Use Permitting

Golf Course IrrigationGolf Courses/Homeowners Associations
Water Allocation Calculations
Innovative Water Conservation Remedies
Water Use Modeling using GWRAPPS and AFSIRS
Stormwater System Updates
Coordination with ERP permitting
Reverse Osmosis Feasibility

Construction Management

Silt fence cartoonInspections
Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and Inspections
NPDES Permitting
Permit Close-outs